Can Your Marriage Be Annulled?

A marriage is a contract, and like any contract, it can be annulled. Whether or not you are married, if you and your partner cannot agree, you and your lawyer can file with the court to annul your marriage. This process can take anywhere from several months to several years, and you can file it even if you both agree to the annulment. Keep in mind that this process can be long and expensive, so before you decide to file for an annulment, ask yourself if severing your legal ties to your partner would be such a good idea.

Infidelity is a deal-breaker for most couples, but the thought usually doesn’t cross their minds until it’s too late for those who are married. Even if you believe your partner isn’t having an affair, it can still be devastating to discover that your spouse has been unfaithful. And unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if the cheating spouse has been caught or changed their ways—the damage is done.

Here are some kinds of marriages that can be annulled.

Too young

Getting married young is one of the kinds of marriage that be annulled. When you’re young, life is still beginning. You’re still figuring things out with yourself, your education, and your future. It’s known that divorce is more popular for the younger generation. Your behavior plays a big part in marriage, and younger partners tend to be more immature and unaware of how to react to certain situations, that need to be dealt with in a mature manner.

Mental incapacity

Mental incapacity is one of the issues that tend to be the cause of an annulled marriage. When the person is incapable of taking care of themselves, this tends to cause issues in the marriage. The spouse that is incapacitated should have their freedom restored to them. The court should set the person up in the right environment. The spouse that is incapable of taking care of himself should be cared for by someone who will be responsible for looking after them.


Marriage is a beautiful thing. It is the union of two people who come together in life. And for those married, it is a partnership that is meant to be enjoyed. There are, however, some issues that can destroy the marriage, and these are what we call marital issues. However, marriage issues can be prevented, and it is important that couples do everything possible to avoid these issues. One such issue that can destroy a marriage is conjugal impotence. This is the kind of impotence where the man thinks he cannot perform sexually on his wife. Because of the reason that he cannot perform sexually on his wife, he is expected to seek medical assistance. Medicines that are used to treat impotence include Viagra and Cialis, which can cause embarrassment and discomfort for the spouse.


Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you thought it would. At the beginning it may seem perfect, but down you see and experience things you didn’t expect. No one should ever stand for violence or threats, but unfortunately, people do. This behavior is a huge reason why many people file for a divorce and to have their marriage annulled.


Marriage is a contract and contracts have to be legally binding. Any “changes” to a contract have to be legally valid. This means fraud doesn’t count as a legitimate reason for a divorce. People tend to search for loopholes. “Well, I didn’t get a divorce because I didn’t want a divorce.” Well, then why did you get married? If you didn’t care about getting the right to marry, you probably didn’t care about staying married. And if you don’t have that level of concern for your marriage, then you probably shouldn’t be marrying in the first place.

The marital status of a couple is acknowledged by the accurate documentation that states whether two people are married or unmarried and, if married, their date of marriage. The marriage of a couple is a legal contract that is established between both of them, but divorce can be initiated if the marriage of a couple is found to have ended due to some reasons.

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